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The Russian Ministry of Sports (Russian: Министерство спорта Российской Федерации, often abbreviated as Минспорт or Minisport) is a Federal Ministry in Russia. It is responsible for implementing government policy and legal regulation, providing state services (including anti-doping measures), and managing public property in the area of sport and physical fitness.

Russian Ministry of Sports (RMoS)
Минспорттуризм России.jpg
Agency overview
FormedMay 2008
Preceding agency
  • Federal Agency of Sports (RFSA)
JurisdictionGovernment of Russia
HeadquartersKazakov Street 18, Moscow
55°59′55.47″N 37°12′37.31″E / 55.9987417°N 37.2103639°E / 55.9987417; 37.2103639Coordinates: 55°59′55.47″N 37°12′37.31″E / 55.9987417°N 37.2103639°E / 55.9987417; 37.2103639
Annual budget75.8 billion roubles (2011 FY)[1]
Minister responsible

It was created by the Medvedev Government in 2008 as the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy. It exists in its current form since May 21, 2012.



The Ministry is composed of two branches:

  • Department of Sports Development (Департамент государственной политики развития спорта высших достижений)
  • Department of State Policy in Sport (Департамент государственной политики в сфере физической культуры и спорта)


Soviet PeriodEdit

The State Committee for Sports and Physical Education of the USSR (Спорткомитет СССР, Комитет по физической культуре и спорту при Совете Министров СССР) was established in 1954 as the only governmental body responsible for the management of sports in the Soviet Union. The Committee was a result of the merging of all the sports unions and national teams into one organization.


The State Committee for Sports and Physical Education of Russia (Госкомитет по ФКиТ; Госкомспорт России, Государственный комитет Российской Федерации по физической культуре и спорту) was created in 1991. It was the central governing body for Russian sports. The head of the committee was referred to as the Sports Minister. The committee was a federal executive organization that was responsible for the coordination and development of sports in Russia.

Since 2002Edit

The Federal Agency for Sports and Body Culture (Федеральное агентство по физической культуре и спорту) was created in 2002 as the successor to the previous sports committee. It was dissolved in October 7, 2008, to be re-established with its current name.


Heads of Sports CommitteeEdit

Heads of Federal Sports AgencyEdit

Ministers of SportEdit

Involvement in Russian doping scandalEdit

An independent investigation led by Richard McLaren found corroborating evidence that Russian Ministry of Sport and the FSB had operated a "state-directed failsafe system" using a "disappearing positive [test] methodology" (DPM) from "at least late 2011 to August 2015".[3]

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