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Ministry of Maritime Affairs (Pakistan)

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs (Urdu: وزارت ساحلی امور‎) which was formerly known as the Ministry of Ports and Shipping (renamed in October 2017)[1] is a Federal Ministry of the Government of Pakistan. The current Minister for Maritime Affairs is Ali Haider Zaidi.

Ministry of Maritime Affairs
وزارت ساحلی امور
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Agency overview
HeadquartersIslamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Agency executives

The Ministry is headquartered in Islamabad and its main attached departments are in the port city of Karachi.



The Ministry is headed by the Maritime Secretary of Pakistan.[2] Keeping in view its close links with the seaports, a division of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs is established in Karachi which includes a number of wings and attached departments each headed by a high-grade civil servant or bureaucrat.

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The Ministry officials look over the administrative and policy matters of the Federal Ministry including policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Apart from that, the attached wings and departments established in Karachi deal with their respective domains under the administration of the Federal Ministry of Maritime Affairs(Pakistan).

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