Ministry of Finance (Kazakhstan)

The Ministry of Finance (Kazakh: Қаржы министрлігі) is a central executive body of the Government of Kazakhstan, providing leadership and intersectoral coordination in the financial sector. It was established on 17 December 1991, just a day after Kazakhstan declared its independence from the Soviet Union, a law "On budget system of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was introduced.[1] The Ministry is currently led by First Deputy Prime Minister Alihan Smaiylov.[2]

Ministry of Finance
Қаржы министрлігі
Emblem of Kazakhstan latin.svg
Emblem of Kazakhstan
Министерство финансов Казахстана 2017.jpg
Office building of the Ministry of Finance
Agency overview
Formed17 December 1991
JurisdictionGovernment of Kazakhstan
HeadquartersNur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Agency executive
WebsiteOfficial website



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