Ministry of Economy (Poland)

Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland (Polish: Ministerstwo Gospodarki) was a ministry dealing with economy of Republic of Poland.

Ministry of Economy
Ministerstwo Gospodarki
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Agency overview
HeadquartersPl. Trzech Krzyży 15/17, Warsaw
Agency executive
Parent agencyCouncil of Ministers
Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland

Created in 1997 from reforms and mergers of other ministries, it has gone through several name changes and has recently been downsized, with issues related to work being split to Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and regional issues split to Ministry of Regional Development. In 2007 the bureau of tourism was moved to Ministry of Sport.

The last minister was Janusz Piechociński. In late 2015 it was merged into the new Ministry of Development.

List of ministersEdit

Ministers for Economy (1997–2003)Edit

portrait Name Party Term Of Office Prime Minister (cabinet)
Wiesław Kaczmarek SdRP 4 February 1997 31 October 1997 Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz


  Janusz Steinhoff Solidarity Electoral Action 31 October 1997 19 October 2001 Jerzy Buzek


  Jacek Piechota Democratic Left Alliance 19 October 2001 7 January 2003 Leszek Miller


Ministers for Economy, Labour and Social Policy (2003–2004)
  Jerzy Hausner Democratic Left Alliance 7 January 2003 2 May 2004 Leszek Miller


Ministers for Economy and Labour (2004–2005)
  Jerzy Hausner Democratic Left Alliance 2 May 2004 31 March 2005 Marek Belka (Belka I)
  Jacek Piechota Democratic Left Alliance 31 March 2005 31 October 2005 Marek Belka (Belka II)
Ministers for Economy (2005–2015)
  Piotr Woźniak Nonpartisan 31 October 2005 7 September 2007 Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz (Marcinkiewicz

Jarosław Kaczyński (Kaczyński)

  Jarosław Kaczyński (acting) Law and Justice 7 September 2007 11 September 2007 Jarosław Kaczyński (Kaczyński)
  Piotr Woźniak Nonpartisan 11 September 2007 16 November 2007 Jarosław Kaczyński (Kaczyński)
  Waldemar Pawlak Polish People's Party 16 November 2007 27 November 2012 Donald Tusk (Tusk I), (Tusk II)
  Janusz Piechociński Polish People's Party 27 November 2012 16 November 2015 Donald Tusk (Tusk II)

Ewa Kopacz (Kopacz)

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