Ministry of Agriculture (Kazakhstan)

The Ministry of Agriculture (Kazakh: Ауыл шаруашылығы министрлігі) is a central body within the Government of Kazakhstan. Its current minister is Saparhan Omarov.[1]

Ministry of Agriculture
Ауыл шаруашылығы министрлігі
Emblem of Kazakhstan latin.svg
Emblem of Kazakhstan
Ministry of Agriculture building Nur-Sultan (2012).jpg
Office building of the Ministry of Agriculture
Agency overview
FormedOctober 1991
JurisdictionGovernment of Kazakhstan
HeadquartersNur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Agency executive


The Ministry deals with the basic forms of agriculture such as the formation and implementation of the state agrarian and regional policy, strategic plans, state and other programs and projects in the regulated sphere, namely in the field of agriculture, agriculture, fisheries and water management, protection of reproduction and use of flora and fauna, especially protected natural territories and issues of rural development, agriculture, seed production and regulation of the grain market, state support for compulsory insurance in crop production, protection and plant shelter, veterinary medicine, manufacturing in the field of food production. The formation of the foundations for creating competitive agricultural commodity production, ensuring food security and mobilization readiness. Ensuring state control, supervision and management in the regulated sphere, with the exception of the areas of forestry, hunting, fisheries and water management, specially protected natural areas and rural development issues, Informing and consulting support for the agro-industrial complex.[2]

List of ministersEdit

Minister Term of Office Cabinet
  Valentin Dvurechensky 29 December 1990 7 February 1992 Karmanov II
  Baltash Tursumbaev 7 February 1992 18 November 1993 Tereshchenko
  Sergey Kulagin 22 November 1993 19 June 1994 Tereshchenko
  Janibek Karibjanov 13 June 1994 4 March 1996 Tereshchenko
  Serik Aqymbekov 5 March 1996 20 January 1998 Kazhegeldin
  Sergey Kulagin 20 January 1998 16 September 1998 Balgimbayev
  Toleuhan Nurkianov 6 October 1998 22 January 1999 Balgimbayev
  Janibek Karibjanov 22 January 1999 19 July 1999 Balgimbayev
  Sauat Mynbayev 26 July 1999 18 May 2001 Balgimbayev
  Akhmetzhan Yessimov 18 May 2001 15 May 2004 Tokayev
  Serik Umbetov 15 May 2004 11 August 2005 Akhmetov
  Askar Myrzakhmetov 25 August 2005 19 January 2006 Akhmetov
  Akhmetzhan Yessimov 19 January 2006 4 April 2008 Akhmetov
Massimov I
  Aqylbek Kurishbaev 4 April 2008 8 April 2011 Massimov I
  Asyljan Mamytbekov 11 April 2011 6 May 2016 Massimov I
Massimov II
  Askar Myrzakhmetov 6 May 2016 15 December 2017 Massimov II
  Umirzak Shukeyev 15 December 2017 25 February 2019 Sagintayev
  Saparhan Omarov 25 February 2019 Present Mamin


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