Ministry of Agriculture (China)

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) was an cabinet-level executive department of the State Council which was responsible for agriculture in China.

Ministry of Agriculture of the
People's Republic of China
Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó Nóngyèbù

Ministry of Agriculture HQ
Agency overview
FormedSeptember 1954
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction People's Republic of China
Agency executive
  • Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture
Parent agencyState Council

Areas of the ministry's responsibility included agriculture and environmental issues relating to agriculture, fishery, consumer affairs, animal husbandry, horticulture, animal welfare, foodstuffs, hunting and game management as well as higher education and research in the field of agricultural sciences. The ministry was headquartered in Beijing.

The ministry was abolished in 2018, with its responsibilities being assumed by the newly created Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on March 19, 2018.



In 2007, the MOA issued a regulation on the protection of agricultural geographical indication products.[1]: 54  These are defined as including plants, animals, and microorganisms.[1]: 54 

In 2015, the MOA issued the Strategic Plan for Agricultural Going Out, providing state subsidies to enterprises that invested in various overseas locations.[2]: 251 

Its responsibilities were assumed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on March 19, 2018.[3]

List of Agriculture Ministers

No. Name Took office Left office
1 Li Shucheng October 1949 September 1954
2 Liao Luyan (廖鲁言) September 1954 1966
post abolished
acting Jiang Yizhen (江一真)
3 Sha Feng (沙风) June 1970 January 1978
4 Yang Ligong (杨立功) January 1978 February 1979
5 Huo Shilian (霍士廉) February 1979 March 1981
6 Lin Hujia (林乎加) March 1981 June 1983
7 He Kang (何康) June 1983 June 1990
8 Liu Zhongyi (刘中一) June 1990 March 1992
9 Liu Jiang (刘江) March 1992 March 1998
10 Chen Yaobang (陈耀邦) March 1998 August 2001
11 Du Qinglin August 2001 December 2006
12 Sun Zhengcai December 2006 November 2009
13 Han Changfu December 2009 March 2018


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