Military Ordinariate of Germany

The Military Ordinariate of Germany (German: Katholische Militärseelsorge; Deutsches Militärordinariat) is a military ordinariate of the Roman Catholic Church. Immediately subject to the Holy See, it provides pastoral care to Roman Catholics serving in the German Armed Forces and their families.

Military Ordinariate of Germany

Katholische Militärseelsorge
Franz-Josef Overbeck (2014)
DenominationRoman Catholic
RiteLatin Rite
Established22 May 1868 (154 years ago)
Current leadership
BishopFranz-Josef Overbeck
Bishops emeritusWalter Mixa

Franz-Josef Overbeck, who was appointed Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Essen by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, was also appointed Military Ordinary for Germany on 24 February 2011.


The first military bishop was appointment on 22 May 1868. A military vicariate was established on 20 July 1933, but it was not until 7 January 1938 that the first military vicar was appointed. It was elevated to a military ordinariate 21 July 1986. The Episcopal seat is located at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist Patron of Breslavia (Basilika St. Johannes der Täufer Patron von Breslau) in Berlin, Germany.[citation needed]

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