Milija and Pavle Bakić

Milija "Milo" Bakić (Turkish: Milo Bakiç) and Pavle Bakić (Pol Bakiç) were two brothers from Andrijevica, Principality of Montenegro, who were students at Galatasaray High School and co-founded the Galatasaray football club on October 30, 1905 with 11 fellow students. Born in the village of Zabrđe [sr], near Andrijevica, the brothers studied in Istanbul, living with their uncle Mitar Bakić who was a consul in the Ottoman Empire. The brothers finished military school as well, with the rank of officer, though by the start of the Balkan Wars the brothers returned to Montenegro (now Kingdom of Montenegro) and served Janko Vukotić at Cetinje in the Third Unit. They fought in Macedonia, where Milija was killed in battle near Kočani. Some still view Milo (Milija) as the best Turkish footballer in history. A monument was raised at their birth village, gifted by Galatasaray staff, on June 16, 2014.

Milija Bakić in Galatasaray.


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