Milevska planina

Milevska planina[1] (Cyrillic: Милевска планина) is a mountain in western Bulgaria and southeastern Serbia, near the town of Bosilegrad. Its highest peak Milevets (Bulgarian: Милевец, also transcribed as Milevetz or Milevec) or Krvavi kamik (Serbian Cyrillic: Крвави камик) has an elevation of 1,738 meters above sea level. It is located at the border of Bulgaria and Serbia.

Milevska planina
Milevets IMG 1105.jpg
View towards Milevska Planina's highest peak from the Bulgarian side
Highest point
Elevation1,738 m (5,702 ft) [1]
Coordinates42°33′54″N 22°26′22″E / 42.56500°N 22.43944°E / 42.56500; 22.43944Coordinates: 42°33′54″N 22°26′22″E / 42.56500°N 22.43944°E / 42.56500; 22.43944
Milevska planina is located in Bulgaria
Milevska planina
Milevska planina
Location within Bulgaria
LocationKyustendil Province, Bulgaria
Pčinja District, Serbia


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