Miguel Córcega

Miguel Córcega (Spanish pronunciation: [miˈɣel ˈkoɾseɣa], October 29, 1929 in Mexico City – September 29, 2008 in Mexico City) was a Mexican telenovela actor and director. Córcega started his career in acting and directing during the 1940s.[1]



In the 1960s, Córcega participated in the Viruta y Capulina films El dolor de pagar la renta and Dos pintores pintorescos. In the latter film, he co-starred as the villain, Lorenzo, a fortune hunter who murders a woman and tries to murder Capulina, whom he thinks is a witness of the crime.


Córcega directed such Mexican telenovelas and soap operas as Lazos de Amor and El privilegio de amar.[1] His acting credits included the television series Cadenas de amargura.[1]

Later in life, Córcega appeared in Cuidado con el ángel in the role of Padre Anselmo.[1] However, he was forced to retire from the popular television show due to illness.[1] Corcega's role of Padre Anselmo in the show passed to actor Héctor Gómez.[1]


Miguel Córcega died of a stroke in Mexico City on September 29, 2008, at the age of 78.[1]

His funeral was held at the Garden of Mexico pantheon in Mexico City.

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