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Midnite Spares is a 1983 Australian action film starring Gia Carides, James Laurie, Max Cullen, Graeme Blundell, Bruce Spence, David Argue and Jonathan Coleman.

Midnite Spares
VHS cover
Directed by Quentin Masters
Produced by Tom Burstall
Screenplay by Terry Larsen
Story by John Fitzpatrick
Starring Gia Carides
James Laurie
John Clayton
Max Cullen
Graeme Blundell
Tony Barry
Bruce Spence
David Argue
Jonathan Coleman
Music by Cameron Allan
Cinematography Geoff Burton
Edited by Andrew Prowse
Release date
Running time
87 minutes
Country Australia
Language English
Budget A$2.6 million[1]
Box office A$417,000 (Australia)[2]



Steve Hall (James Laurie) is a young sprintcar driver from Toowoomba who has returned home to Sydney to team up with his dad Ted and his business partner Tomas (Max Cullen) in their towing and panel beating business "T&T Towing", as well as to team up with his dad who is also a Sprintcar driver at the local speedway. He arrives to find his dad has mysteriously disappeared and Tomas is being pressured to be part of an illegal "chop shop" ring.

After continuing to resist joining the ring, Tomas is set-up and painfully discovers (having his arm broken by a tyre iron) the group of car thieves involved in midnite spares (the stealing and chopping of cars to send interstate) were responsible for his Ted's untimely death. They thieves are headed by bent Police Detective Panton (Ray Marshall) and dodgy businessmen Vincent (John Clayton) and Sidebottom (Graeme Blundell). Steve and Tomas' tow truck drivers Wimpy (Bruce Spence), Rabbit (David Argue), and their friends pursue the criminals and attempt to capture them, following Tomas' advice to Steve "Don't get angry son, get even."

Steve also meets and falls in love with Ruth Mintos (Gia Carides) and the pair have to convince her old fashioned mother Maria (Tessa Mallos) as well as her Uncle Harry (Terry Camilleri) that they want to be together and get married. Steve also tries to prove his prowess at the wheel of a sprintcar at Sydney's Parramatta City Raceway against Sydney and Australia's leading drivers including Garry Rush, George Tatnell, Rob Worthington (who also doubled as Steve when racing), Terry Becker, Bob Blacklaw and Steve Brazier.



During shooting, camera operator David Brostoff was killed in an accident at the Parramatta City Raceway.[3]


Rotten Tomatoes currently has no approval rating or Audience score as of today. Super reviewer Alex Roy gave a positive review, calling the film "a fun and entertaining exploitation film from Australia. The film successfully combines thrilling car races with a good dose of comedy and some decent performances to makes this a fun two hours for the viewer."


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