Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie

The Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie (MCC) was a Dutch trading company established in 1720 in the Zeeland capital of Middelburg, Netherlands. It was initially called the Commercial Company of the city of Middelburg. However, after the archive industry was published in 1950, it became known as the Middelburg Commercial Company.[1] After the monopoly of the Dutch West India Company for the Atlantic slave trade was abolished in 1730, the MCC became the principal Dutch slave trading company.[2] The company was eventually liquidated in 1889.

Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie
Native name
Commercie Compagnie van Middelburg
TypeTrading company
IndustryAtlantic slave trade
Middelburg, the Netherlands

Thanks to the well-preserved notes and documents of the company, the MCC archives have proved very useful to scholars in understanding and reconstructing Dutch 18th-century slave trade.[3] The archive was listed in 2011 in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.[4] Moreover, access to many materials can be found in the Zeeuwse Archief in Middelburg.

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