Microdigital Eletronica

Microdigital Eletrônica Ltda. was an influential Brazilian computer company in the 1980s, based in São Paulo.

Microdigital Eletrônica
TypeSociedade Anônima
IndustryComputer System
Founded1981; 40 years ago (1981)
Defunct1990; 31 years ago (1990)
Key people
Jorge and Tomas Kovari
ProductsComputer Monitors
Personal Computer
SubsidiariesMicrohobby Magazine
The TK90X, Microdigital's ZX Spectrum clone.


Established in 1981 by the brothers George and Tomas Kovari (whose initials were the TK of the domestic computers line made by the company), its first product was the TK80, a clone of the British microcomputer Sinclair ZX80.[1]

The company reached its height around 1985, with the launching of the TK90X (clone of the ZX Spectrum) and the TK-2000 II, a personal computer partially compatible (at Applesoft BASIC level) with the Apple II+. At this time, it had approximately 400 employees in three plants (two in São Paulo and one in the Zona Franca de Manaus) and more than 700 peddlers spread for all Brazil.[1] Although the logo of the company is identical to the earlier Microdigital Ltd of the United Kingdom[2] the company is not related.

Line of productsEdit

A not extensive list of Microdigital's products:[3]

Home computersEdit

Personal computersEdit

  • TK 2000 (1984)
  • TK-3000 IIe (1986)
  • TK-3000 IIe Compact (1987)
  • TK EXTended (1987)
  • LT 1600 D (?)
  • TK Portable (?)



  • Onyx (1984)- Colecovision clone, never launched
  • Onyx Jr (1985)


Microdigital sold software (almost always pirate copies of foreign programs) through its subsidiary, Microsoft.[4]


  • Microdigital Rhythmic 2 Portable Keyboard


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