Michal Tučný

Michal Tučný (11 January 1947 – 10 March 1995) was a Czech singer and songwriter. He is considered one of the most popular Czech country singers and he is regarded as a legend of the Czech country music (he was often referred to as the king of the genre).

Michal Tučný
Michal Tučný in Žamberk, 1980
Michal Tučný in Žamberk, 1980
Background information
Born(1947-01-11)11 January 1947
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Died10 March 1995(1995-03-10) (aged 48)
Czech Republic
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • piano


Michal Tučný was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1947. He played piano as a child. In 1965, he passed the matura exam at a business school. By profession, he was a qualified shopkeeper (which he mentions in several of his songs). His whole life he was a devote fan of SK Slavia Prague. He began his musical career at the age of 14 in Dixieland. In 1967, he participated in the first festival of the Czech Country Music. He played with many different bands, including "Rangers". In 1969, he became a soloist of the group "Greenhorns". In 1974, he joined the group "Fešáci", and in 1980, he created his own band "Tučňáci" (meaning "Penguins", but relating to his surname).

The cause of his death was liver cancer. He is buried in Hoštice in the South Bohemian Region; the town square there bears his name. His grave is marked by a stone in the shape of a cowboy hat.

Notable songsEdit

Michal Tučný at gold panning in Otava, 1994

His other songs include:

  • Blues Folsomské věznice (with Greenhorns) (original song: Folsom Prison Blues)
  • Tam u nebeských bran
  • Poslední kovboj
  • Koukám, jak celá země vstává
  • Snídaně v trávě (original song: Sea of Heartbreak)
  • Ještě dlouhou cestu mám
  • Nádraží (with band Fešáci)
  • Boty z kůže toulavejch psů
  • Jak chcete žít bez koní
  • El paso (with Greenhorns, original song: El Paso)
  • Feleena z El pasa (with Greenhorns, original song: Feleena (From El Paso))
  • Chtěl bych být medvídkem (+ Zdeněk Rytíř, original song: The Teddy Bear Song)
  • Cesty toulavý (original song: On the Road Again)
  • Vlak v 0,5 (with Greenhorns)
  • Hromskej den (+ Tomáš Linka with Greenhorns)
  • Já tajně cvičím (with band Fešáci)
  • Šlapej dál (with Greenhorns)


Michal Tučný's discography consists of more than 30 albums and compilations.


Year Title Role Notes
1980 Já ubohá děvečka aneb Jsou mlynáři jsou chlapíci TV movie

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