Miś Uszatek

Miś Uszatek (Floppy Bear, literally Teddy Floppy-ear) is a Polish character from the stop motion-animated TV series of the same name. He was created jointly by Polish writer Czesław Janczarski and cartoonist Zbigniew Rychlicki.[1]

Miś Uszatek
Main character of the show, Miś Uszatek
Written byCzesław Janczarski
Narrated byMieczysław Czechowicz
Theme music composerJanusz Galewicz (lyrics)
Piotr Hertel (music)
Mieczysław Czechowicz (vocals)
Country of originPoland
Original languagePolish
No. of episodes104
Original networkTelewizja Polska
Original release1975 (1975) –
1987 (1987)
The sculpture of Miś Uszatek on the Piotrkowska Street in Łódź.

Miś Uszatek's first appearance was in a Polish comic magazine for children, "Miś", on 6 March 1957. Later, he was the main character of several children's books, which were translated into many languages. However, Miś Uszatek became very popular in 1975, when Łódź Animated Forms Studio (Studio Malych Form Filmowych), Se-ma-for, created a series of cartoons for the Polish TV network, featuring actor Mieczysław Czechowicz, who voiced the characters.[2] In all-time Polish rankings of animated programs, the show usually comes second only to Bolek i Lolek.[citation needed]

The teddy bear Miś Uszatek and his friends - Prosiaczek (Piglet), Króliczki (Little Rabbits) and Zajączek (Little Hare), as well as Kruczek the Puppy - were loved by preteen kids. At the same time, Uszatek played the role of a friend from kindergarten. He was also liked by parents, as he would always go to bed at appropriate hour, singing the goodnight song:

Pora na dobranoc, bo już księżyc świeci. Dzieci lubią misie, misie lubią dzieci. (It's time to go to bed, as the moon is shining. Kids like teddy bears, teddy bears like kids.)[2]

All together, Se-ma-for created 104 episodes of the cartoon; the last one was made in 1987.[1] In the 1960s, two theatrical movies about the friendly bear were made.[3] Also, in the fall of 2007, the Se-ma-for studio announced that it was planning to make more episodes,[1] but later these plans changed in favor of a possible full-length movie, to be created with help from the Japanese company Eden Entertainment. As of 2008, Mis Uszatek airs on Polish TV every Thursday.

In July 2007, local authorities in Łódź decided to construct a monument dedicated to Miś Uszatek, to be placed along Łódź's main street, Piotrkowska.

Miś Uszatek abroadEdit

The cartoon is also popular in other countries; it is one of the best-selling exports of Polish television.[3] All together, Polish TV sold it to 22 countries, including Canada, Iran, and a number of African nations.[2]

In June 2010, Mennica Polska S.A. on behalf of government of Niue had minted 8000 silver 1 dollar coins depicting Miś Uszatek.[4]

Footage from this cartoon series was also shown on Tots TV as animated illustrations for some of Tom's stories which he makes up and writes himself.


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