Metrosexual (film)

Metrosexual (Thai: แก๊งชะนีกับอีแอบ or Gaeng chanee gup ee-aep) is a 2006 Thai romantic comedy film about four women who believe their best friend is about to marry a man who is gay. The film was directed by Yongyooth Thongkongtoon, who also directed The Iron Ladies. The five female leads all co-host a daytime talk show on Thai TV Channel 3.

The Thai movie poster.
Directed byYongyooth Thongkongtoon
StarringThianchai Chaisawatdee
Meesuk Jaengmeesuk
Patcharasri Benjamas
Ornpreeya Hunsat
Pimolwan Suphayang
Kulnadda Pajchimsawat
Distributed byGMM Tai Hub
Release date
  • July 13, 2006 (2006-07-13)


Four friends each receive phone calls to meet a fifth friend for lunch at MK Restaurant, a popular hot pot chain in Bangkok. The friends are:

They are called to the restaurant by Pang, who announces that she is planning to marry Kong, her boyfriend of three months. The four friends are surprised by the news and think maybe it is too sudden.

Then Kong joins the five women for their meal. His well-groomed appearance is met with approval, but when Kong starts offering tips on how to cook the meal, and presents a pair of earrings that he picked out to Pom for her birthday (the real reason the five girlfriends are getting together), eyebrows are raised.

The four women later meet at Fyne's beauty salon and voice their suspicions that Kong might be gay, and not just a metrosexual male. Pom reveals that she spotted Kong earlier at a male model beauty pageant she was covering, and she saw him embracing another man backstage. To confirm their belief, they need advice. So Pat arranges a meeting with her brother, Bee, who's a flight attendant for Thai Airways International. Bee puts together a checklist, which includes various physical attributes as well as biological and sociological backgrounds that could indicate whether a man is gay.

A series of comic scenarios then occur as the four women investigate Kong and watch for any telltale signs.


Casting notesEdit

  • Thai producer-director Jira Maligool has a cameo appearance as the portrait of the dead husband of a Bangkok Chinatown restaurant owner.
  • Actor Yano Khasogi (or Kasuki) is a Bangkok-based Japanese mime artist.


On opening day, the US$1.25 million film earned 5 million baht (about US$131,000).[1]


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