Metodi Aleksiev

Metodi Aleksiev Yanushev (Bulgarian: Методи Алексиев Янушев) was a Bulgarian revolutionary, a member of the Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization (IMARO) and the Bulgarian Communist Party.


Metodi Aleksiev
Metodi Aleksiev.JPG
A portrait of Metodi Aleksiev.
Native name
Методи Алексиев Янушев
Birth nameMetodi Aleksiev Yanushev
Born27 September 1887
Köprülü, Kosovo Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (now Veles, Republic of North Macedonia)
DiedFebruary 1924
Pokrovnik, Tsardom of Bulgaria
Service/branchBulgaria war flag.png Bulgarian Army
Battles/warsMacedonian Struggle
Balkan Wars

World War I

Vladaya Uprising
September Uprising
Alma materBulgarian Men's High School of Thessaloniki
Bulgarian Pedagogical School of Serres
Other workTeacher
Member of the Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party
Member of the Bulgarian Communist Party


Metodi Aleksiev Yanushev was born in 1887 in Köprülü (now known as Veles), in the Kosovo Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire (present-day Republic of North Macedonia). He studied in the Bulgarian Men's High School of Thessaloniki and became a member of the IMARO. He was wanted by the authorities and in 1906 he moved to Ser to study in the Bulgarian Pedagogical School. He became an Komitadji and entered the revolutionary band of Gorna Dzhumaya, and later he was in the headquarters of Yane Sandanski's revolutionary band.

In 1908, after the Young Turk Revolution, he became a teacher. In 1912, after the beginning of the Balkan Wars, he was a leader of a revolutionary band that helped the actions of the Bulgarian army in the regions of Razlog and Drama.

In 1913 he entered the Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party. During the First World War he served in the 29th Infantry Regiment and participated in the Vladaya Uprising in 1918. From 1920 to 1923 he had been a member of the Regional committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party in Gorna Dzhumaya. He commanded a rebel band during the September Uprising. He was taken hostage by the band of Aleko Vasilev and later released.

He continued with communist activity and was killed in September 1924 in the vicinity of the village of Pokrovnik.


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