Mesa de los Tres Reyes

Mesa de los Tres Reyes (Basque: Hiru Erregeen Mahaia, Roncalese Basque: Iror Errege Maia, Aragonese: Meseta d'os Tres Reis, Gascon: Tabla d'eths Tros Rouyes, French: Table des Trois Rois) is a mountain of the Pyrenees. It is the highest point of Spanish Navarre, with an elevation of 2,428 metres (7,966 ft).

Mesa de los Tres Reyes
Pic and table de trois rois.jpg
Mesa de los Tres Reyes viewed from Lac de Lhurs.
Highest point
Elevation2,428 m (7,966 ft)
Prominence392 m (1,286 ft)
Coordinates42°56′42″N 0°43′20″W / 42.94500°N 0.72222°W / 42.94500; -0.72222Coordinates: 42°56′42″N 0°43′20″W / 42.94500°N 0.72222°W / 42.94500; -0.72222
English translationTable of the Three Kings
Language of nameSpanish
Mesa de los Tres Reyes is located in Spain
Mesa de los Tres Reyes
Mesa de los Tres Reyes
Location in Spain, on the border with France
LocationAragon/Navarre, Spain;
Parent rangePyrenees

Its name, "The Table of the Three Kings", derives from the fact that the mountain is located at the confluence of the ancient kingdoms of Navarre, Aragon, and Béarn; where the three kings of those kingdoms met from time to time to discuss matters of importance.

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