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Merge Mansion is a mobile game released in 2020. It is the first game by Metacore.[1] The company is based in Finland, as stated on Merge Mansion's YouTube channel about page.[2] As of August 16, 2021 it has been downloaded over 10 million times. In less than a year it generated $38.6 million.[3] However, the advertisements by Metacore in promotion for the game are what pushed Merge Mansion onto the map. The game was promoted with ads described as "weird",[4] "dramatic", "plot-driven", "interesting", and created for "virality".[5] The official gameplay soundtrack, titled "Merge Mansion (Official Gameplay Soundtrack)", was released on the 16th of April, 2022. [6][7] It featured 12 tracks.

Merge Mansion
Platform(s)Mobile Game


Merge Mansion is a puzzle game where the player completes tasks as the character Maddie whose grandmother owns the mansion. At first, these are themed around home-improvement, housekeeping, and taking care of Maddie's grandmother.


Merge Mansion's advertising campaigns have received notable attention on the internet from famous YouTube content creators, such as Danny Gonzalez[8] and MatPat.[9] A series of live-action advertisements were created, hiring Kathy Bates as the actor of Grandma Ursula,[10] and Grace Rex as the grand-daughter Maddie.[11][12] Bates described the filming experience as "so much fun".[11] The advertisements were created in collaboration with W+K,[13] and were directed by Jim Jenkins.[11] All advertising campaigns created have been posted to their YouTube channel, garnering more than 6 million views in total as of April 1, 2022.[2] It is unknown where the ads were filmed, but the mobile game advertisements were set in Montgomery County in Maryland, USA.[14]

The campaigns haven't gone without criticism, however. Many have noted the similarities between the mobile game Lily's Garden's ads, and Merge Mansion's. On top of this, it has been criticised that the gameplay isn't true to the ads, having a gameplay comparable to Candy Crush. However, the game has been commended for having a similar storyline to the ads, rather than no connection whatsoever (such as Homescapes or Gardenscapes).[5] Despite all the criticism, Merge Mansion's campaign online is still going strong,[15] especially on social media site Instagram.[16]


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