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Men Will Be Men

Men Will Be Men is an Indian Bollywood film,[1] starring Gaurav Chopra, Rohit Khurana, Zeenal Kamdar, Rajesh Kumar and Rahil Tandon.[2][3][4] The film was produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and directed by Gorky.[1]

Men Will Be Men
Directed by Gorky[1]
Produced by Re Chillies Idiot Box
Samar Khan (executive ptoducer)
Written by Harsh Khurana[1]
Screenplay by Harsh Khurana[1]
Starring Gaurav Chopra
Rohit Khurana
Zeenal Kamdar
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Music by Harpreet
Advait Nemlekar
Cinematography Samar Khan
Sahil Kapoor
Edited by Devang Kakkad
Tariq Ahmed
Distributed by PVR Pictures
Release date
  • 29 April 2011 (2011-04-29)
Country India
Language Hindi



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