Members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1911–1914

This is a list of members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly as elected at the 16 November 1911 election and subsequent by-elections up to the election of 15 November 1914:

Note the "Term in Office" refers to that members term(s) in the Assembly, not necessarily for that electorate.
Name Party Electorate Term in Office
Henry Angus Comm. Liberal Gunbower 1911–1934
Reginald Argyle Comm. Liberal Dalhousie 1900–1914
Matthew Baird Comm. Liberal Ballarat West 1911–1927
Samuel Barnes VFU Walhalla 1910–1927
Norman Bayles
Toorak 1906–1920
William Beazley [a] Labor Abbotsford 1889–1912
Alfred Billson
Ovens 1901–1902; 1904–1927
John Billson Labor Fitzroy 1900–1924
John Bowser VFU Wangaratta 1894–1929
Ewen Hugh Cameron Comm Liberal Evelyn 1874–1914
James Cameron Comm. Liberal Gippsland East 1902–1920
Hugh Campbell Comm. Liberal Glenelg 1906–1920
John Carlisle VFU Benalla 1903–1927
John Chatham [e] Labor Grenville 1913–1917
Ted Cotter Labor Richmond 1908–1945
Albert Craven [b]
Benambra 1889–1913
Alfred Downward VFU Mornington 1894–1929
James Francis Duffus
Port Fairy 1894–1908; 1911–1914
George Elmslie Labor Albert Park 1902–1918
James Farrer Comm. Liberal Barwon 1906–1917
Alfred Farthing Comm. Liberal East Melbourne 1911–1927
John Gordon Comm. Liberal Waranga 1911–1927
George Graham
Goulburn Valley 1884–1914
John Gray Comm. Liberal Swan Hill 1904–1917
Alfred Hampson Labor Bendigo East 1911–1915
Martin Hannah Labor Collingwood 1904–1906; 1908–1921
Edmond Hogan [c] Labor Warrenheip 1913–1943
George Holden [c]
Warrenheip 1900–1913
William Hutchinson Comm. Liberal Borung 1902–1920
James Jewell Labor Brunswick 1910–1949
John Johnstone Comm. Liberal Polwarth 1911–1917
William Keast Ministerial / Comm. Liberal Dandenong 1900–1917
Thomas Langdon Ministerial Korong 1880–1889; 1892–1914
Harry Lawson
Castlemaine and Maldon 1900–1928
John Leckie [b] Comm. Liberal Benambra 1913–1917
John Lemmon Labor Williamstown 1904–1955
Thomas Livingston Comm. Liberal Gippsland South 1902–1922
Peter McBride [d] Comm. Liberal Kara Kara 1897–1913
Robert McCutcheon Ministerialist / Comm. Liberal St Kilda 1902–1917
Charles McGrath [e] Labor Grenville 1904–1913
Robert McGregor Comm. Liberal Ballarat East 1894–1924
Hugh McKenzie Comm. Liberal Rodney 1904–1917
Malcolm McKenzie
Upper Goulburn 1892–1903; 1911–1920
John Mackey Comm. Liberal Gippsland West 1902–1924
Donald Mackinnon Liberal Prahran 1900–1920
James Weir McLachlan Independent Gippsland North 1908–1938
Donald McLeod
Daylesford 1900–1923
William Murray McPherson [f] Comm. Liberal Hawthorn 1913–1930
Frank Madden
Boroondara 1894–1917
James Membrey Labor Jika Jika 1907–1917
James Menzies Comm. Liberal Lowan 1911–1920
John Murray Comm. Liberal Warrnambool 1884–1916
David Oman Comm. Liberal Hampden 1900–1927
Alfred Richard Outtrim Labor Maryborough 1885–1902; 1904–1920
Alexander Peacock Comm. Liberal Allandale 1889–1933
John Pennington [d] Comm. Liberal Kara Kara 1913–1917; 1918–1935
William Plain Labor Geelong 1908–1917
George Prendergast Labor North Melbourne 1894–1897; 1900–1926; 1927–1937
Andrew Robertson Comm. Liberal Bulla 1903–1924
Alexander Rogers Labor Melbourne 1908–1924
George Sangster Labor Port Melbourne 1894–1915
David Smith Labor Bendigo West 1904–1924
Oswald Snowball Comm. Liberal Brighton 1909–1928
Robert Solly Labor Carlton 1904–1906; 1908–1932
George Swinburne [f] Comm. Liberal Hawthorn 1902–1913
John Thomson Comm. Liberal Dundas 1892–1900; 1902–1914
Richard Toutcher Comm. Liberal Stawell and Ararat 1897–1935
Tom Tunnecliffe Labor Eaglehawk 1903–1904; 1907–1920; 1921–1947
Edward Warde Labor Flemington 1900–1925
William Watt Comm. Liberal Essendon 1897–1900; 1902–1914
Gordon Webber [a] Labor Abbotsford 1912–1932
[a] Beazley died 28 June 1912; replaced by Gordon Webber in July 1912.
[b] Craven died 28 November 1913; replaced by John Leckie
[c] Holden resigned in February 1913; replaced by Edmond Hogan the same month.
[d] McBride resigned in February 1913; replaced by John Pennington in March 1913.
[e] McGrath resigned in April 1913; replaced by John Chatham in May 1913.
[f] Swinburne resigned July 1913; replaced by William Murray McPherson in September 1913.


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