Melisende of Lusignan

Melisende de Lusignan, Princess of Antioch (1200 Holy Land- after 1249), was the youngest daughter of Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem by her fourth and last marriage to King Amalric II of Jerusalem.[1] She had a sister Sibylla of Lusignan, a younger brother, Amalric who died as a young child. By her mother's previous marriages, Melisande had three half-sisters, Maria of Montferrat, who succeeded their mother as queen of Jerusalem on 5 April 1205; Alice of Champagne, and Philippa of Champagne.

Melisende of Jerusalem
Princess of Antioch
Holy Land
Diedafter 1249
SpouseBohemond IV, Prince of Antioch
IssueMary of Antioch
HouseHouse of Lusignan
FatherAmalric II of Jerusalem
MotherIsabella I of Jerusalem

Marriage and issueEdit

In January 1218, Melisande married Bohemond IV, Prince of Antioch.[1] The marriage produced three daughters:

  • Isabelle of Antioch (died young)
  • Marie of Antioch (died after 10 December 1307),[1] she was childless.
  • Helvis of Antioch (died young)

Melisende protested the succession of her nephew King Henry I of Cyprus as regent of Jerusalem on the death of her half-sister Alice in 1246. Alice had been regent of Jerusalem for Conrad IV of Germany.

She died sometime after 1249. Upon the childless death of her only surviving daughter, Marie sometime after December 1307, the line of Melisende became extinct.



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