Meet Monica Velour

Meet Monica Velour is a 2010 American independent comedy-drama film written and directed by Keith Bearden.[1][2]

Meet Monica Velour
Meet Monica Velour.jpg
Directed byKeith Bearden
Written byKeith Bearden
StarringKim Cattrall
Dustin Ingram
Music byAndrew Hollander
CinematographyMasanobu Takayanagi
Edited byNaomi Geraghty
Distributed byAnchor Bay Films
Release date
  • April 2010 (2010-04) (Tribeca)
Running time
98 min.
CountryUnited States

The film premiered at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival.[3][4]

Plot summaryEdit

A young man meets his dream woman (and isn't the least rather troubled that she's a washed-up porn actress 30 years his senior) in this independent coming-of-age comedy. Tobe Hulbert (Dustin Ingram) is a 17-year-old high school graduate who is the working definition of a loser—he's nerdy and socially inept, he lives with his eccentric grandfather (Brian Dennehy), his closest friend, Kenny (Daniel Yelsky), is only 12 years old, and he drives a beat-up hot-dog wagon with a giant frankfurter bolted to the roof. Among his other obsessions, Tobe is fascinated with adult movies of the 1970s and 1980s, and his favorite actress is Monica Velour (Kim Cattrall), who in her heyday was the hottest star in porn. When Tobe discovers there's a collector living in Indiana (Keith David) who is willing to buy his wagon for a good price and Monica Velour will be appearing at a gentleman's club nearby, he decides fate is smiling on him and hits the road. However, the "gentleman's club" turns out to be a sleazy dive and time hasn't been kind to Monica; when several patrons begin shouting insults at her, Tobe defends her honor and gets beat up for his trouble. Monica gratefully befriends Tobe and lets him stay at the trailer park she calls home; he begins to imagine he might have a chance with the woman of his dreams, but while she sees Tobe as a kindred spirit, she has bigger things to deal with, including a career that's going nowhere, an ugly relationship with her ex-husband, and a contentious battle to win back custody of her daughter.



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