Medi1 Radio (Arabic: مدي 1, also known as Radio Méditerranée Internationale) is a Moroccan radio network. Medi 1 has an audience of around 23 million people. It is emitted from Nador transmitter on 171 kHz longwave, and via internet and satellite.

History and profile

Former logo of Medi 1

Previously a private radio network, Medi 1 Radio has been under the majority control of state-owned broadcaster SNRT since 2024.[1][2] The station started broadcasting in 1980 and is based in Tangier.

The radio station broadcasts throughout the Maghreb countries and it is a bilingual station broadcasting its programming in both Arabic and French.

Medi 1 was managed by Pierre Casalta from its foundation until 2010.[3] Although the station describes itself as politically independent, two former journalists writing for L'Obs opined it as the "voice of the King", noting its subjective coverage of the monarchy.[4] Its slogan is Medi 1, la radio du grand Maghreb.

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