Medal for Bravery (Serbia)

Medal for Bravery or Courage (Serbian: medalja za hrabrost/медаља за храброст), commonly known as the Medal of Miloš Obilić, is a state medal awarded by Republic of Serbia for heroic acts.

Medal for Bravery
Medalja Milos Obilic златна 1913.gif
Gold Medal for Bravery first degree
Awarded by
Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Republic of Serbia
Awarded forGreat personal courage
First awarded1913
Bravery Medal Milos Obilic, 1913 rib.png


It was founded on 12 July 1913 by King Peter I, was granted to soldiers for the acts of great personal courage, or for personal courage demonstrated on the battlefield. The medal is awarded in two degree (Gold and Silver medals). Awarding of this medal was started during the Second Balkan War, continued during the World War I 1914-1918, and during the World War II, 1941-1945, as members of the Yugoslav Army, and members of allied forces. On the obverse of the coin is the ideal figure of Miloš Obilić, the Serbian medieval knight who was considered a model of courage and honor. He was killed by Turks during the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, since he having previously cut open the Turkish Sultan Murad I. Since then, he became a model of courageous Serbian warriors, ready to facing the inevitable defeat of sacrificing his own life. Medal for Bravery was worn on the red bar. The author was Đorđe Jovanović. The first medal for bravery was established on 14 November 1912. This medal was two degrees (Gold and Silver Medal, which differed in appearance from Gold). The Gold medal is worn on the red bar, and the Silver ribbon (red-blue-white). This medal was granted to very short, and has been superseded by another model. The reason for replacement was the obverse medal in which Serbia was represented by allegorical female figure. The female figure is for the Serbian soldier was unworthy motive on the medal for bravery. The officers was openly expressed dissatisfaction, after which it was decided to change the model.

In 2009 the Republic of Serbia adopted a law and continued to award the Medal for Bravery (2 Classes: Golden and Silver medal) and in 2010 extended its name to include "Miloš Obilić" (the Medal for Bravery "Miloš Obilić").[1]

In 2012 it was posthumously awarded to Srđan Aleksić.

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