Medal for Bravery (Yugoslavia)

The Medal for Bravery (Serbo-Croatian: Медаља за Храброст, Macedonian: Медал за Xраброст) was a Yugoslav military award created in 1943 for achievements in the line of duty during World War II. It was initially awarded by the newly created Democratic Federal Yugoslavia for acts of courage in the war, while it was still raging. Once the war ended, Yugoslavia was in a time of peace from 1945 to 1991, being a founding nation of the Non-Aligned Movement, and therefore eligibility for the award included acts of bravery within the nation, thus rendering the medal not obsolete, and it was awarded until the Breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992.

Medal for Bravery
Za Hrabrost.jpg
Awarded forExtreme bravery in the line of duty
Presented bythe  Yugoslavia
EligibilitySoldiers of SFR Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Partisans of World War II.
StatusNo longer awarded
EstablishedAugust 15, 1943[1]
First awarded1943
Last awardedearly 1990s
Medal for Bravery RIB.gif
Ribbon of the Medal for Bravery


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