Mechanical Suite

Mechanical Suite (Russian: Механическая сюита, romanizedMekhanicheskaya syuita) is a 2001 Russian comedy-drama film directed by Dmitry Meskhiev.[1][2][3]

Mechanical Suite
Mechanical Suite.jpg
Directed byDmitry Meskhiev
Produced byOlga Vasilieva
Svetlana Slityuk
Written byGennadiy Ostrovskiy
Music byLeonid Fyodorov
Svyatoslav Kurashov
Vladimir Volkov
CinematographySergei Machilsky
Edited byTamara Lipartia
Release date
  • 2001 (2001)
Running time
97 minutes

The film is based on the story Brothers by Janusz Głowacki.[4]


Kolya (Sergei Golovkin), an employee from the patent department of a plant, goes to Lykovo near St. Petersburg for the weekend and dies of a heart attack. The administration of the plant decides to transport the body to the homeland of the deceased for burial. For this purpose two people are sent on a business trip: Markerants (Sergei Garmash), who at any time can develop an ulcer, and business-minded Mityagin (Mikhail Porechenkov).

On the way, Mityagin offers Markerants to drink a toast in the dining car for Kolya, for destiny, for their country. All ends with Markerants giving all the money collected by the plant for Kolya's burial to some woman named Lyuyba (Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya).

Having lost their travel money, they go on an adventure and drive with the stiff in a normal train compartment. A chance passenger, Edouard (Konstantin Khabensky), who has stolen an item worth $50,000 from a factory, drops his immensely heavy suitcase on the dead man's head. Edouard ends up thinking that he is the culprit in Kolya's death. To get rid of the evidence, he throws the corpse out the window. The greedy Mityagin decides to take advantage of the situation and demands money so that he will not to give out the "murderer". This leads to everyone subsequently finding themselves under the persecution of the mafia and the police.



  • Evgenia Dobrovolskaya received the Best Supporting Actress prize at the Nika (2001),[5] Golden Aries (2001) [6] and "Constellation" (2001) awards.[7]


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