Maulets (politics)

Maulets (Eastern Catalan: [məwˈlɛts]) was a youth political organisation that belongs to the Catalan anti-fascist independence movement. Its task was to mobilise the youth of Catalonia (Spain) in order to achieve an independent and socialist nation.

IdeologyCatalan independentism
Mural in Argentona, Maresme

The term "maulet" comes from the popular name given to Austriacist supporters in the Kingdom of Valencia during the War of the Spanish Succession.


Maulets was founded in 1988 as the youth wing of Catalunya Lliure (Free Catalonia). During its first years of existence, it led much of the action in the streets, including clashes with Spanish police. This struggle led to the imprisonment and torture of some of Maulet's members, including Núria Cadenas who was charged with terrorism and membership of Terra Lliure. The difficult years after the great repression of 1992 (Garzón Operation) seriously weakened Maulets, leaving the organisation with the difficult task of rebuilding a half torn movement during the 90s.

By 1998 it had fused with Joventuts Independentistes Revolucionàries (Pro-independence Revolutionary Youth), and the start of the 21st century saw expansion of the organisation's base, with new chapters being created all over the nation. Some of the most active chapters have been Girona, Valencia, Argentona, Mataró, Palma and Alacant-Elx.

In 2012 Maulets and CAJEI (Coordinadora d'Assemblees de Joves de l'Esquerra Independentista) were joined after a long process that began in 2008 having as a result the creation of ARRAN, a pro-independence and revolutionary youth organisation in the Catalan Countries.

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They described themselves as a young, independentist and revolutionary Catalan as well as a socialist movement.