Masonic Temple of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Historic Masonic Temple of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a Masonic Temple located in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), on San Lucas street. The building was constructed for use by the Lodge Añaza between 1899 and 1902. It is considered one of the main Masonic temples in Spain, and the first in the Canary Islands.

Historic Masonic Temple of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Statues in the entrance of the Masonic Temple of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Detail of one sphinx

It is considered the finest example of Masonic Temple in Spain.[1] Similarly was even greater in Spain Masonic Center before it was occupied by Franco's military.[2]

On August 8, 1895 saw the founding of the Masonic workshop twentieth century's most important in the Canary Islands, Añaza Lodge, which would consolidate rapidly, achieving canaria Masonry reorganize the first third of that century.

The edifice contains a strong symbolism, most of which was inspired by the architectural tradition of ancient Egypt.

The facade is divided into three sections, the central has two huge columns embedded) with plain shaft and palm-leaf capitals (palmiformes), supporting a triangular pediment bulky. In this eye there is a radiant ray, representing the Supreme Being, Great Architect of the Universe according to Masonic symbolism. Flanking each column are two sphinxes (four in total) lying on his stomach and covered with claft. They were made by the sculptor Compañ Zamorano Guzman (1878–1944). The main door is carved in wood with geometric patterns; about it, the lintel is decorated with palm leaves and a sun with wings of an eagle, symbol of the deity Horus. The building stands on an estereóbato.

The Masonic Temple of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is located at the same latitude (28º north) of the Saint Catherine's Monastery of Mount Sinai (Egypt). This monastery was built in the place where according to the Old Testament, Moses received the Tables of the Law.[3][4]

The building it is listed as a Site of cultural interest by the Government of the Canary Islands in 2007.[5]

Scottish Rite Masonic Congress 2016Edit

In November 2016 the Masonic international congress Convent of the Order, was held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is an event held annually in different parts of the world[6] and was organized by the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Spain. This conference helped raise funds for the rehabilitation of the Masonic Temple of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.[7]

The Congress was attended by over 300 members representing 17 of the 57 regular Supreme Councils in the world, emphasising the importance of the event for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite part of the global Masonic community.[8] During the meeting in the Masonic Temple the act to create the Confederación Iberoamericana de Supremos Consejos (Latin American Confederation of Supreme Councils) was signed.[9]


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