Marquis Wen of Jin (simplified Chinese: 晋文侯; traditional Chinese: 晉文侯; pinyin: Jìn Wén Hóu, 805–746 BC), ancestral name Ji (姬), given name Chou (仇), was the eleventh ruler of the state of Jin. He was also the first ruler of Jin in the Spring and Autumn period.

Marquis Wen of Jin
Ruler of the State of Jin
Reign781–746 BC
PredecessorShang Shu
SuccessorMarquis Zhao of Jin
Born805 BC
Died746 BC
FatherMarquis Mu of Jin

In 805 BC, Marquis Mu of Jin was battling with a tribe called Tiao (條). During this time, his eldest son, Chou, was born. In 776 BC, Marquis Mu of Jin died and Chou's uncle, Shang Shu, took control and ascended the throne of Jin. Chou left Jin for fear of his uncle since he believed himself the rightful heir to the throne.

In 781 BC, after four years away from Jin, he brought troops to remove his uncle from the throne. He succeeded and became the next ruler of Jin.

In 771 BC, the tenth year of his reign, King You of Zhou was killed by Quanrong nomads and two Zhou family members were subsequently and separately declared king: King Ping of Zhou and King Xie of Zhou. Therefore, both kings were claiming to be the next king of Zhou.

In 760 BC, the 21st year of his reign, Marquis Wen of Jin killed King Xie of Zhou, and the Zhou government became one again. Since this action helped King Ping of Zhou in establishing the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Marquis Wen of Jin was heavily rewarded. The King also granted him lands to add to his territory. Also, with the permission of the King, he expanded the territory of Jin, especially areas around the Jin River.

In 746 BC, the 35th year of his reign, he died and his son, Bo, ascended the throne as the next ruler of Jin: Marquis Zhao of Jin.

Marquis Wen of Jin
Cadet branch of the House of Ji
Born: 805 BC Died: 746 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by Marquis of Jin
781–746 BC
Succeeded by