Marquis Mu of Jin

Marquis Mu of Jin (simplified Chinese: 晋穆侯; traditional Chinese: 晉穆侯; pinyin: Jìn Mù Hóu), ancestral name Ji (姬), given name Feiwang (費王) or Fusheng (弗生), was the ninth ruler of the state of Jin during the Western Zhou Dynasty. After his father, Marquis Xian of Jin died in 812 BC, he ascended the throne of Jin.

Marquis Mu of Jin
Ruler of the State of Jin
Reign812–785 BC
PredecessorMarquis Xian of Jin
SuccessorShang Shu
Died785 BC
FatherMarquis Xian of Jin

In 808 BC, the fourth year of his reign, he married a woman from the royal family of Qi to be one of his concubines. In 805 BC, the seventh year of his reign, he battled with a tribe called Tiao (條). During this time, his eldest son, Chou, was born.

In 802 BC, after being victorious in the battle with a tribe called Qianmu (千畝), his other son, Chengshi, was born.

Marquis Mu reigned for 27 years. When he died in 785 BC his younger brother Shang Shu usurped the throne. Chou was forced to leave Jin.

Marquis Mu of Jin
Cadet branch of the House of Ji
 Died: 785 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by Marquis of Jin
812–785 BC
Succeeded by