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The Marinefliegerkommando is the naval air arm of the German Navy.

COA MFlgKdo.svg
Marinefliegerkommando insignia
CountryGermany Germany
BranchGerman Navy
TypeNaval aviation
Size2,100 personnel
54 aircraft
Part ofGerman Navy
Garrison/HQNordholz Naval Airbase
Kommandeur des MarinefliegerkommandosKapitän zur See Thorsten Bobzin
RoundelRoundel of Germany – Type 1 – Border.svg
Fin flashFlag of Germany.svg
Aircraft flown
AttackSea Lynx Mk 88 A
P-3C Orion
PatrolSea King Mk 41
Sea Lynx Mk 88 A
P-3C Orion
ReconnaissanceP-3C Orion
Dornier 228 LM
TransportSea King Mk 41
Sea Lynx Mk 88 A


During the First World War, naval aviators were part of the Kaiserliche Marine. Between the wars, naval aviation, the Seeflieger was absorbed by Goering's Luftwaffe in 1935. It almost came into existence when the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin was laid down in 1936, but lack of suitable aircraft, coupled with the reluctance of the Luftwaffe to support the Kriegsmarine in the carrier's construction, culminated in its eventual cancellation in 1943, and all anti-ship operations were transferred to the Luftwaffe shortly afterwards[citation needed].

After the Second World War, it was not until West Germany's entry into NATO in the 1950s and the establishment of the Bundesmarine, that a naval aviation force (Marineflieger) was formed.

The British were largely instrumental in creation of the Marineflieger, supplying training and aircraft. A number of Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (FAA) officers operated as part of the German Navy in the process. The first aircraft included Hawker Sea Hawks which were used by Marinefliegergeschwader 1 and 2 and Fairey Gannets. Until the new bases were ready, pilots were trained with the FAA in the UK.


The Marinefliegerkommando had 2,100 personnel on active duty in 2012.[1] As of 2019, it operates 54 aircraft.[2]

Type Manufacturer Origin Class Role Introduced In service Total Notes
Camcopter S-100 Schiebel Austria UAV ISR 6 on order.
Dornier 228 LM Dornier Germany Propeller Pollution control 1991 2 2[3] [2]
P-3C Orion Lockheed United States Propeller MPA 2006 8 8 [2]
NH90 Sea Lion NHIndustries Germany Rotorcraft ASW/SAR/Transport 2018 1 1 17 more on order.[2] Replacing Sea King.
NH90 Sea Tiger NHIndustries Germany Rotorcraft ASW 2025 31 on order, replacing Westland Lynx.[4]
Sea Lynx Mk 88 A Westland Helicopters United Kingdom Rotorcraft Attack/SAR/Transport 1981 22 22 [5]
Sea King Mk 41 Westland Helicopters United Kingdom Rotorcraft SAR/Transport 1972 21 22 [2]

The Marinefliegerkommando previously operated the following aircraft;


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