Marine Regiment (Denmark)

The Marine Regiment (Danish: Marineregimentet) was the naval infantry of the Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy, and later an infantry regiment, established in 1672 by Christian IV and based at Glückstadt Naval Station.

Marine Regiment
Coat of arms for Marine Regiment.svg
Active1672 – 2000
Disbanded3 June 2000
Country Denmark
Branch Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy
 Royal Danish Army
RoleAmphibious warfare
Cold-weather warfare
Garrison/HQAlmegård barracks
Motto(s)Nec timide, nec temere
(Neither timidly nor rashly)
Battle honoursTorsebro 1710
Gadebusch 1712
Fredericia 1849
Frederikstad 1850
Dybbøl 1864[1]


The Marine Regiment was a Danish-Norwegian unit, which was established in 1672 with Captain Vogel as commanding officer and its garrison at Naval Station Glückstadt in the town of Glückstadt at the Elbe in Holstein. Before the regiment was raised, Danish warships always had a group of regular soldiers on board, whose job it was to fire on decks, rigging and the hallway of enemy ships and capture them. However, having Army and Navy troops on the same ship created command and organisational problems, as ships had two commanders, one commanding the ship and responsible for maneuvring and navigation and one commanding the soldiers. Raising the Marine Regiment under Navy command removed these problems.

It was considered a punishment to be a mariner (Marine), and the recruitment base for the regiment included individuals who could not adapt to other regiments. This created a tradition of extremely hardy soldiers. Even among sailors these soldiers were feared and hated. But one thing you could not deprive them was their fighting spirit and courage. The unit fought honourably in many battles, regardless of the Danish efforts in general. In several battles the Regiment received permission to leave the battlefield with weapons in hand as recognition for their efforts.

In 1741, it moved to Rendsburg and changed its name to Bornholm Infantry Regiment (Danish: Bornholmske infanteriregiment).


From 1951 the battalions from the Marineregiment was under the command of Bornholms Defends

Disband units

  •   1st battalion (I/BV), Motorized infantry Battalion.(1951-2000)
  •   2nd battalion (II/BV), Motorized infantry Battalion. (1951-2000)
  •   3rd battalion (III/BV), Infantry Battalion. (1986-1996)

Names of the regimentEdit

Vogels Marinekompagni Vogel's Marine Company 1672 1680
Marineregimentet Marine Regiment 1680 1741
Bornholmske Infanteriregiment Bornholm Infantry Regiment 1741 1785
Århusiske Infanteriregiment Århus Infantry Regiment 1785 1790
1. Jyske Infanteriregiment 1st Jutlandic Infantry Regiment 1790 1842
7. Linie Infanteri-Bataillon 7th Line Infantry Battalion 1842 1860
7. Infanteri-Bataillon 7th Infantry Battalion 1860 1863
7. Infanteri-Regiment 7th Infantry Regiment 1863 1865
7. Infanteri-Bataillon 7th Infantry Battalion 1865 1867
7. Bataillon 7th Battalion 1867 1951-11-01
Marineregimentet Marine Regiment 1951-11-01 2000-06-30



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