Maria of Tver

Maria Borisovna of Tver (Мария Борисовна in Russian) (1442 – 1467) was Grand Princess consort of Muscovy, married in 1452, to Grand Prince Ivan III[1] and daughter of Boris Alexandrovich of Tver.[2]

Maria Borisovna
Grand Princess consort of Moscow
Facial Chronicle - b.14, p. 238 - Ivan III and Maria of Tver's wedding.gif
Ivan III and Maria of Tver's wedding
Bornc. 1442
Died1467 (aged 24–25)
SpouseIvan III of Russia
IssueIvan Ivanovich
FatherBoris Alexandrovich of Tver
ReligionEastern Orthodox

When Vasili II (Ivan III's father) was getting ready to attack Dmitry Shemyaka, he found an ally in the person of Boris of Tver. The two decided to seal the alliance by arranging a betrothal between the future Ivan III and Maria of Tver in 1452.[2] It appears that she died from poisoning in 1467. However, if one is to believe Joseph Volotsky, she had been suffering from "infirmity" since childhood. She gave birth to Ivan the Young in 1458.


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Maria of Tver
Born: c. 1442? – 1467
Russian royalty
Title last held by
Maria Yaroslavna of Borovsk
Grand Princess consort of Muscovy
Title next held by
Sophia Paleologue