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Maria of Portugal is the name of several Portuguese queens, queens consort, princesses and infantas, some of whom reigned as Queen of Spain or other lands:


Queens consortEdit

Infanta and PrincessesEdit

Daughters of Philip III of Portugal
  • Infanta Maria Margarita (1621–), died young
  • Infanta Maria Eugenia (1625–1627), died young
  • Infanta Maria Ana Antónia of Spain (1636–1636), died young
  • Maria Theresa of Spain (1638–1683), queen consort of France as wife of Louis XIV of France
  • Infanta Maria Ambrosia de la Concepción (1655–1655), died young
Daughters of John V of Portugal
  • Infanta Maria Barbara of Portugal (1711–1758), queen consort of Spain as wife of Ferdinand VI of Spain
Daughters of Joseph I of Portugal
Daughters of Maria I and Peter III of Portugal
  • Infanta Maria Isabel of Portugal (1766–1777)
  • Infanta Mariana of Portugal (1768–1788), wife of Infante Gabriel of Spain
  • Infanta Maria Clementina of Portugal (1774–1776)
Daughters of John VI of Portugal
Daughters of Maria II and Ferdinand II of Portugal
Daughters of Miguel of Portugal