Mari (given name)

Mari is a feminine given name in the Breton, Japanese, Armenian, Estonian, Georgian, Hungarian, Finnish, Welsh, Swedish and Norwegian languages. It is also a devotional given name in Tamil. It can be seen as a cognate of Mary in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish. In the country of Georgia and Armenia, Mari is a shortened version of the name Mariam. In Armenia, Mari (Մարի) was the 2nd most common female given name of 2013.

Language(s)Japanese, Latin
MeaningDifferent depending on the kanji
Region of originJapanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Hungarian, Estonian, Armenian
Other names
Related namesMariko

In Japanese it appears as Mari (まり, マリ), or can be written using different kanji characters so that it means, respectively:

  • 真理, "truth"
  • 万里, "long distance"
  • 茉莉, "jasmine"
  • 麻里, "hemp, village"
  • 麻莉, "hemp, white jasmine"
  • 愛莉, "love, white jasmine"(This kanji can also be read as Airi.)

The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.


  • Mari Akasaka (真理, born 1964), Japanese novelist
  • Mari Amachi (真理, born 1951), Japanese singer and actress
  • Mari Ellis (1913-2015), Welsh writer and women's rights activist
  • Mari Hamada (麻里, born 1962), Japanese rock singer
  • Mari Hamada (actress) (マリ, born 1968), Japanese singer and actress
  • Mari Hanafusa (まり, born 1974), Japanese actress in Takarazuka Revue
  • Mari Henmi (マリ, born 1950), Japanese singer and actress
  • Mari Horikawa (堀川 真理, born 1992), Japanese volleyball player
  • Mari Hoshino (真里, born 1981), Japanese actress
  • Mari Hulman George (1934–2018), American auto racing executive
  • Mari Iijima (真理, born 1963), Japanese singer-songwriter
  • Mari Kalkun (born 1986), Estonian singer and musician
  • Mari Kimura (木村 まり, born 1962), Japanese violinist and composer
  • Mari Kinsigo (1946–2014), Estonian chess Woman FIDE Master
  • Mari Kiviniemi (born 1968), Finnish politician and former Prime Minister of Finland
  • Mari Klaup (born 1990), Estonian heptathlete
  • Mari Kodama (麻里, born 1967), Japanese pianist
  • Mari Kotani (真理, born 1958), Japanese science fiction critic
  • Mari Lill (born 1945), Estonian actress
  • Mari Mashiba (摩利, born 1959), Japanese voice actress
  • Mari Matsuda (born 1956), American lawyer, activist, and law professor
  • Mari Motohashi (麻里, born 1986), Japanese curler
  • Mari Natsuki (マリ, born 1952), Japanese singer, dancer, and actress
  • Mari Ness (born c 1971) is an American poet and author
  • Mari Ozaki (まり, born 1975), Japanese long-distance runner
  • Mari Ozawa (真理), Japanese manga artist
  • Mari Shiraki (白木 万理, born 1937), Japanese actress
  • Mari Shirato (真理, born 1958), Japanese actress
  • Mari Yaguchi (真里, born 1983), former member of the Japanese idol group Morning Musume
  • Mari Yonehara (万里, 1950–2006), Japanese translator, essayist, non-fiction writer and novelist
  • Mari Youngblood, American singer
  • Mari Wilson (born 1954), English pop and jazz singer
  • Mori Mari (茉莉, 1903–1987), Japanese author, daughter of novelist Mori Ōgai

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