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Margaret Visser

Margaret Visser (born May 11, 1940) is a writer and broadcaster who lives in Toronto, Paris, and South West France. Her subject matter is the history, anthropology, and mythology of everyday life. Born in South Africa, she attended school in Zambia, Zimbabwe, France (the Sorbonne) and the University of Toronto Canada where she earned a PhD in Classics.

Visser taught Greek and Latin at York University north of Toronto for 18 years. For several years Visser regularly appeared on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's popular radio program Morningside in conversations with Peter Gzowski. Her writing has won many awards, including the Glenfiddich Award for Food Book of the Year in Britain in 1989, the International Association of Culinary Professionals' Literary Food Writing Award, and the Jane Grigson Award. Visser delivered the 2002 CBC Massey Lectures. Her topic was "Beyond Fate."[1]

Visser is married to Colin Visser, professor emeritus of the English Department of the University of Toronto.


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  • The Geometry of Love: Space, Time, Mystery and Meaning in an Ordinary Church (2000)
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  • Beyond Fate, Visser's Massey Lecture (2002)
  • The Gift of Thanks: The Roots and Rituals of Gratitude (2008)


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