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Mappila dialect

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Mappila dialect (formerly Moplah Malayalam) is a variety of Malayalam, a language with a distinct modern diglossia, spoken predominantly by the Muslim Mappila community of Kerala, southern India. The Mappila form can be classified as a regional dialect in northern Kerala, or as a class or occupational dialect of the Mappila community. The Mappila dialect can also called as a vernacular in general, or as a provincial patois, with the latter label being increasingly applicable in Colonial times. All the forms of the Malayalam language, including Mappila, are mutually intelligible.[2][3]

Native toIndia
Malayalam (rarely in Arabi-Malayalam Script)
Language codes
ISO 639-3

The Mappila form show some lexical (vocabulary) admixture from Arabic and Persian.[3][4]

The variety is also used by lower caste non-Muslims in northern Kerala, Muslims in Dakshina Kannada, and different Mappila migrant communities in South East Asia.[5]


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