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Manuel Álvarez-Beigbeder Pérez (born 1933),[1][2] better known as Manuel Alejandro, is a Spanish composer of Latin love songs, which are better known as ballads. He has written, composed, and arranged songs for the likes of Luis Miguel, Plácido Domingo, Nino Bravo, Julio Iglesias,[3]Raphael, Hernaldo Zúñiga, José José,[4] José Luis Rodríguez,[5] Emmanuel,[6] Enrique Guzmán, Isabel Pantoja, Rocío Jurado, Rudy Marquez, and Jeanette, among many others.


Manuel Alejandro was born in 1933 in Jerez de la FronteraCádiz. He is the son of one of Spain's most renowned contemporary symphonists, Germán Álvarez Beigbeder. It was his father, an accomplished musician, professor, and composer, who inspired Manuel Alejandro to pursue music and become a composer.[1]

Musical careerEdit

Hits of the 60sEdit

He started writing songs for Spanish singer Raphael during the 1960s. Many of those songs are now considered classics. The list includes such hits as:

  • "Yo Soy Aquél"
  • "Primavera en Otoño"
  • "Desde Aquel Día"
  • "Cuando Tu No Estas"
  • "Cierro Mis Ojos"
  • "Hablemos Del Amor"
  • "Amor Mio"
  • "Digan Lo Que Digan"
  • "Estar Enamorado"
  • "Como Yo Te Amo"

Hits of the 1970s and '80sEdit

He continued writing a few songs during the 1970s, but reached his peak in the early 1980s with the release of consecutive albums with songs performed by different international artists. A whole generation grew up listening to songs written by him, although not many knew he was the man behind those hits.

His repertoire of more than 500 songs includes:

Personal lifeEdit

He has seven children: Javier, Carlos and Patricia with his first wife and Sandra, Beatriz, Marian and Viviana with his second wife.


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