Mani Malai

Mani Malai (pronounced [maɳimaːl̪aɪ̯]) is a 1941 Indian Tamil-language anthology film. It consists of four short comedy films — Ashaadabuthi, Minor-in Kaathal, Abbuthi Adigal and Naveena Markandeyar — each made by a different director and featuring a different cast. The anthology film was successful.

Mani Malai
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Release date
  • 1941 (1941)



Mani Malai is an anthology film consisting of four short comedy films, each made by a different director. The first, Ashaadabuthi, explores the serious issue of untouchability in a light manner, and was directed by Fram Sethna. The second, Minor-in Kaathal, revolves around a "minor"[a] refusing to marry the woman of his mother's choice. The third, Abbuthi Adigal, is a story of "godly devotion dealt with humour". The fourth, Naveena Markandeyar, tells the story of Markandeya in a parodical manner and was directed by A. T. Krishnasami. Shooting for Mani Malai took place at Vel Pictures Studio, Guindy.[1]

Release and receptionEdit

Mani Malai was released in 1941 and emerged a commercial success; according to Krishnasami, it was due to "the presence of top comedy actors of that era".[1]


  1. ^ In Tamil vernacular, a "minor" is a young man living luxuriously on inherited wealth.[1]


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