Mangoro River

The Mangoro River is the largest river on the east coast of Madagascar by basin size and water volume, and is 300 km in length.[2]

Mangoro River
Rijeka mangoro.png
Mangoro River
Native nameMangoro
Physical characteristics
 • locationNE of Anjozorobe
 • elevation1,100 m (3,600 ft)
 • location
Indian Ocean
 • coordinates
20°0′17.8848″S 48°46′54.0192″E / 20.004968000°S 48.781672000°E / -20.004968000; 48.781672000Coordinates: 20°0′17.8848″S 48°46′54.0192″E / 20.004968000°S 48.781672000°E / -20.004968000; 48.781672000
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length300 km (190 mi)[1]
Basin size17,175 km2 (6,631 sq mi)
Basin features
 • rightNosivolo River


The Mangoro begins northeast of the town of Anjozorobe in the Analamanga region, at approximately 1,100 meters. Its primary tributaries are the Onive River (which joins on the right bank at 200 km from the river source) and Nosivolo River.[3][1] Its mouth is at the Indian Ocean near the town of Ambodiharina.

Owing to its many tributaries, the Mangoro maintains a high flow year round, making it an ideal river for rafting.[4]

As of 2012, the Sherritt International Corporation planned to use the Mangoro River as a source of water for a slurry pipeline carrying ore for the Ambatovy project mines, raising environmental concerns.<ref>"Another Mining Horror Story? Sherritt International Corporation's Ambatovy Project in Madagascar". MiningWatch Canada. 2012-04-10. Retrieved 2013-03-05.</refee


There are small populations of crocodiles in the more placid sections of the river, but their population is minimal and continues to plummet.[4]


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