Mangalia Marina

Mangalia Marina is a harbour for yachts and small boats (up to 18 m long) located on the Black Sea coast. It is the most modern tourist harbour in Romania.[1]

Mangalia Marina
Tourist Harbour
Mangalia Marina is located in Romania
Mangalia Marina
Mangalia Marina
Location of Mangalia Marina
Coordinates: 43°48′28.21″N 28°34′59.9664″E / 43.8078361°N 28.583324000°E / 43.8078361; 28.583324000Coordinates: 43°48′28.21″N 28°34′59.9664″E / 43.8078361°N 28.583324000°E / 43.8078361; 28.583324000
Country Romania
CountyConstanţa County
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)


The marina was built between 2006–2008 with the help of a joint grant of 4,071,365.77 euros from the European Union (Phare 2004/016-772. - Large Regional Infrastructure Projects scheme) and a City Council and City Hall of Mangalia contribution of 651,418.52 euro.[2]

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The marina is at only a 2-day sailing trip from the port of Odessa, in Ukraine. It is within 1-day sailing distance to Varna, Bulgaria and a couple of hours to both Constanţa and the Danube Delta. Enjoying ideal conditions for mooring and vessel maintenance,[3] the Mangalia Marina is the starting point for short coastal trips in the immediate vicinity. Stopovers in Vama Veche, 2 Mai, Limanu, Venus, Neptun, Olimp, Costinești, Eforie Sud, Eforie Nord, Agigea, Constanţa, Mamaia and Midia all provide stopover options. Larger boats can follow longer coastal shipping routes within the perimeter Istanbul-Varna-Mangalia-Odessa-Yalta. Short boat tours are also available.

The Mangalia Marina has a total capacity of 146 mooring places.[2]

Together with the Varna Marina from Bulgaria, the Mangalia Marina co-hosts the BMW Black Sea International Regatta,[4] which is organized annually by Romania Yacht Club, Bulgaria LZ Yachting 1991 and Odessa International Yacht Club.

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