Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann (born 1968) is an Austrian photographer. He has several different areas of work: nude photography, celebrity portraits, and landscapes.

Baumann, 2018


Born in 1968 in Vienna, Manfred Baumann grew up in Vienna’s 13th district of Hietzing, where he also attended school. At 16, after graduating from general secondary school, he started an apprenticeship at Julius Meinl, a manufacturer and retailer of coffee, gourmet foods and other grocery products, where he also worked as manager for a year. In 1995, he moved to Canada to work as a photographer. After two years he returned to Vienna where he continued to work as a freelance photographer. Baumann cites his grandfather, who was also a photographer, as one of his greatest sources of inspiration. His grandfather also encouraged his talents as a photographer by giving him his first camera, a Praktica.[1]

From 2002, Baumann has photographed celebrities.[2] He photographed among others Toni Garrn, Kirk Douglas, Don Johnson, Paul Anka, Tony Curtis, David Hasselhoff, John Malkovich, William Shatner, Jack Black, Bruce Willis, David Hasselhoff, Ron Perlman, Kelly Osbourne, Chevy Chase, Lionel Richie.[2][3]

Since 2011 he has photographed for DAC, which collects donations for Austrian Cancer Aid [Wikidata]. Since 2012 he has also been an official photographer for PETA, for which he has photographed more celebrities.[4]

In 2013 he began a partnership with the National Geographic Society,[5] and in 2016 with Leica Camera. In autumn 2017, his series Mustangs was exhibited in the Natural History Museum Vienna.[6]

Since 2017 he teaches for the Leica Academy worldwide[7] 2017 Lecture on stage for Mobil World Congress in Barcelona[8][9]

2017/2018 is Baumann Testimonial for Huawei international alongside with Robert Lewandowski.[10] In 2018/2019 the Grand Hotel Wien exhibited his series Vienna - Grand Hotel Vienna.[11]

From February 2019 to April 2019, Baumann exhibited in Australia (in Melbourne and Sydney). In May 2019, Baumann exhibits "Hoch leben die Wälder" in the Black Forest, where he photographed 15 Black Forest originals.[12]

Baumann is married. He lives in Austria and works worldwide. He is a vegetarian and supports different animal welfare organizations. He is Honorary Ambassador of Jane Goodall with his wife Nelly Baumann.[13]

Jane Goodall with Baumann


Baumann's work has been published in different photo specialist magazines like Fotomagazin,[14] Photographie, Chip or Digital Photographer Magazine[15] His photographs can also be seen in glossy magazines like Playboy,[16] GQ[17] FHM, Stern,[18] and LFI.[19]


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  • 2012: Exhibition and star guest of the Photokina - Cologne[22]
  • 2013: Alive Vienna[23]
  • 2015: “L.A.Stories” in Schladming[24]
  • 2017 The Collection, Leica Gallery, Vienna.[25]
  • 2017 Models, Saatchi Gallery Barcelona.[26]
  • 2017 Mustangs, Natural History Museum Vienna[6]
  • 2018 The Collection, Photobastei Zürich[27]
  • 2018 My world of photography, Leica Gallery, Salzburg[28]
  • 2018 Mustangs, Leica Gallery Los Angeles[29]
  • 2018/2019 Vienna, Grand Hotel Wien[30]
  • 2019 The Collection, Leica Gallery, Melbourne, 2019;[3] Leica Gallery, Sydney, 2019;[31] "Hoch leben die Wälder", Black Forest, 2019[12]


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