Mamlakat Nakhangova

Mamlakat Akberdyevna Nakhangova (Tajik: Мамлакат Оқбердиевна Наҳангова, Russian: Мамлака́т Акбердыевна Наха́нгова; 1924 — 2003) was a Soviet cotton picker,[1] member of the Stakhanovite movement,[2] the youngest and first among the pioneers knights of the highest order of the USSR, the Order of Lenin (1935).[3]

Mamlakat Nakhangova

During the World War II she participated in London at a peace conference.[4]

In adult life Nakhangova was a Soviet philologist, candidate of philological sciences; and Associate Professor of the Tajik State Pedagogical University. In 1970-1977 she was the head of the department of foreign languages of the medical institute in Dushanbe.[5][6]

Mamlakat Nakhangova became the heroine of the first poem by Mirzo Tursunzoda The Sun of the Country.[7][8]

She was married, and had two children, a daughter named Roxana and a son named Alisher.[9][10]


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