Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Malta has entered the Junior Eurovision Song Contest sixteen times since debuting at the first contest in 2003 with Sarah Harrison. Entrants for the Contest were selected by a national selection, organised by the Maltese broadcaster PBS from 2003 to 2010. In 2013, the country opted for an internal selection since the broadcaster decided to return to the contest at a rather late stage (25 September 2013). PBS chose Gaia Cauchi as the 2013 Maltese representative. Malta won the contest twice, in 2013 and 2015, making it one of the most successful countries in the contest. They've also hosted the contest twice, in 2014 and 2016.

Member stationPBS
National selection events
National final
  • Junior Song For Europe
  • 2003–2007
  • Junior Eurosong
  • 2008–2010
  • 2015–2016 (artist)
  • 2017–2018
  • 2019 (artist)
  • 2020
Internal selection
  • 2013–2014
  • 2015–2016 (song)
  • 2019 (song)
Participation summary
First appearance2003
Best result1st: 2013, 2015
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On 16 July 2011 Malta decided to withdraw from the ninth edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the first withdrawal for Malta. Even though Maltese is one of the national languages spoken by the people of the island, the young artists representing Malta have almost always chosen to sing completely in English, hoping that this would grant them a better placing.[citation needed] Malta did not participate in 2011 and 2012, and decided to return in 2013.

Malta has won the contest twice, in 2013 when Gaia Cauchi won with the song "The Start", and again in 2015 when Destiny Chukunyere came first with "Not My Soul" when it won the contest with 185 points beating the previous record held by Spain for the most points ever given to a winner. The country's worst placing were in 2005, when Thea & Friends came sixteenth and last in the contest with "Make It Right" 2019, When Eliana Gomez Blanco came nineteenth and also last in the contest with "We Are More".

Because Malta has multiple official languages, entrants can sing in Maltese and English.


Table key
Last place
Year Artist Title Language Place Points
Sarah Harrison "Like a Star" English 7 56
Young Talent Team "Power of a Song" English 12 14
Thea & Friends "Make It Right" English 16 ◁ 18
Sophie Debattista "Extra Cute" English 11 48
Cute "Music" English 12 37
Daniel Testa "Junior Swing" English 4 100
Francesca & Mikaela "Double Trouble" English 8 55
Nicole Azzopardi "Knock Knock!… Boom! Boom!" English, Maltese 13 35
Gaia Cauchi "The Start" English 1 130
Federica Falzon "Diamonds" English 4 116
Destiny Chukunyere "Not My Soul" English 1 185
Christina Magrin "Parachute" English 6 191
Gianluca Cilia "Dawra tond" English, Maltese 9 107
Ela Mangion "Marchin' On" English 5 181
Eliana Gomez Blanco "We Are More" English, Maltese 19 ◁ 29
Chanel Monseigneur "Chasing Sunsets" English 8 100



Winners of the press voteEdit

Year Song Artist Place Points Host city
2015 "Not My Soul" Destiny Chukunyere 1 185   Sofia

Commentators and spokespersonsEdit

Year Commentator Spokesperson
2003 Unknown
2004 Valerie Vella[1] Thea Saliba
2005 Stephanie Bason
2006 Jack Curtis
2007 Sophie DeBattista
2008 Francesca Zarb
2009 Daniel Testa
2010 Eileen Montesin Francesca Zarb
2011 No broadcast Did not participate
2013 Corazon Mizzi and Daniel Chircop Maxine Pace
2014 Daniel Chircop Julian Pulis
2015 Corazon Mizzi Federica Falzon
2016 No commentary Gaia Cauchi
2017 Mariam Andghuladze
2018 Milana Borodko
2019 Paula[2]
2020 Leah Mifsud


Year Location Venue Presenter(s)
2014 Marsa[3] Malta Shipbuilding Moira Delia
2016 Valletta[4] Mediterranean Conference Centre[5] Ben Camille and Valerie Vella[6]

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