Maligrad (Albanian: Maligrad, also Qytet i Vogël "small city"; Macedonian: Мал Град, Mal Grad "small city/town") is an island situated deep within the Albanian part of Lake Prespa, with many caves suitable for wildlife and a circular cliff.[1] Shaped like a tadpole, it contains some trees and an area of sand. The island contains a famous Saint Mary Church, built by Kesar Novak (Qesar Novaku), a local noble, in 1369.[2] It has an area of almost 5 hectares.

Liqeni Prespes. Ishulli Mali Gradit. Korce. Albania.jpg
Maligrad Island on Lake Prespa
LocationPrespa Lake, Albania
Coordinates40°47′31″N 20°55′59″E / 40.79194°N 20.93306°E / 40.79194; 20.93306
Area0.05 km2 (0.019 sq mi)
Highest elevation860 m (2820 ft)
View of the Island

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