Malampa Province

Malampa is one of the six provinces of Vanuatu, located in the center of the country. It consists of three main islands: Malakula, Ambrym and Paama, and takes its name from the first syllable of their names. It includes a number of other islands – the small islands of Uripiv, Norsup, Rano, Wala, Atchin and Vao off the coast of Malakula, and the volcanic island of Lopevi (currently uninhabited). Also included are the Maskelynes Islands and some more small islands along the south coast of Malakula.

Flag of Malampa Province.svg
Malampa in Vanuatu


It has a population of 36,722 (2009 census) [1] people and an area of 2,779 km2. Its capital is Lakatoro on Malakula.


Name Population Area in km2
Akhamb 646
Ambrym 7,275 678
Arseo 0
Atchin 738
Avock 241
Khoti 14
Lopevi 0
Malakula 22,934 2,041
Maskelynes Islands 1,022
Norsup 88
Paama 1,627
Rano 304
Tomman 253
Uri 28
Uripiv 384
Vao 898
Wala 270




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Coordinates: 16°15′S 167°45′E / 16.250°S 167.750°E / -16.250; 167.750