Makury language

Makury, or Makury Naga (sometimes spelled Makuri), is a Naga language of India and Burma. Shi (2009:3) and Saul (2005:25) suggest that Makury may be an Ao language.

Makury Naga
Native toIndia, Burma
EthnicityMakury Naga
Native speakers
65,000 (2014-16)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3jmn


Makury is not close to other Naga languages that fall under Konyak-[Tangshang] and Angami-Zeme. Makury falls under Ao-Tangkhul linguistic group of southern Naga languages and is close to Naga languages that fall under the said language group. Müvlë (Longphuri) are a sub-tribe of Makury. In Eastern Nagaland, Myanmar, Makury, Somra Tangkhul and Para are closer than the other tribes in the north in terms of language (Makury Tribal Council).

Geographical distributionEdit

Makury is spoken in Leshi Township, Homalin Township, and Lahe Township in Hkamti District, Sagaing Region, Myanmar. There are about 40,000 speakers in Myanmar, and about 25,000 in India.


Ethnologue lists the following dialects of Makury.

  • Mëkheotlë
  • Sengphüvlë
  • Aralë
  • Jilë

Jongphüvlë (listed as Kyaungphuri in Ethnologue) is a Makury clan name (Makury Tribal Council).

Shi (2009:5) lists the following dialects of Makury.

  • Phuvle, Makheotle
  • Sengphuvle, Muvle, Jeile


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