Makea Pori Ariki (b – 28 October 1839) was a sovereign of the Cook Islands. He was the ariki (king or high chief) of the Makea Nui (Great Makea) dynasty, one of the three chiefdoms of the Te Au O Tonga tribe on the island of Rarotonga.

Makea Pori Ariki
High Chief of Te Au O Tonga
Makea Pori Ariki (c. 1837)
PredecessorMakea Tinirau Ariki
SuccessorMakea Davida Ariki
Avarua, Rarotonga
Died28 October 1839
IssueMakea Te Vaerua Ariki
HouseHouse of Te Au O Tonga
DynastyMakea Nui dynasty

He succeeded his father Makea Tinirau Ariki after his death in 1823. In the same year, the English missionary John Williams arrived at Rarotonga, intending to convert the population to Christianity. After agreeing to destroy their temple and the pagan idols of his tribe, Makea Pori Ariki was baptized in 1825.[1]

He died on 28 October 1839 and was succeeded by his eldest son Makea Davida.[2]

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