Major Operation

Major Operation is a 1971 science fiction book by Northern Irish author James White, the third volume in the Sector General series.[1] The book collects together a series of five short stories, all of which were originally published in New Worlds magazine.

First edition, published by Ballantine Books. Cover art by Dean Ellis.


  • "Invader" – A series of clumsy accidents at the hospital lead Conway to suspect an alien presence.
  • "Vertigo" (1968) – a spinning ship (from the planet later nicknamed 'Meatball') is 'rescued' and brought to the hospital.
  • "Blood Brother" (1969) – Meatball's natural doctors are discovered.
  • "Meatball (1966) – Additional investigation reveals more about Meatball's doctors.
  • "Major Operation (1971) – A gigantic patient on Meatball fights medical treatment.


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